Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thank you, FHOTD!

Well, since the subject of the day IS the American Pit Bull Terrier, let's show you a shitty breeder who doesn't even match up the UKC standard! Their website is called Danger Zone Horses. Not only do they ride like a sack of potatoes trying to jockey a bag of oatmeal into submission, they breed APBTS and horses... Poorly. Pet material, if at all. The bitches look withered and dried up... just look at poor mama.

Dear God... One litter of puppies and her nipples are dragging? I don't think so. How about a bath? They've been invented for a while and it'll endorse your animals better. But wait, don't we all want a dog from a thin, raggedy, dirty mother? Her jowls and skull are too narrow even for the female standard, and she is barrel chested and beyond that, has no muscling that I can see. She's also egg headed... isn't she supposed to be an APBT?

And then there's Lady Brenna. She's cute, but definitely far from standard. The prick ears are adorable, but they're an undesirable trait in APBT's.

"She has had two heat cycles and has not been bred".

Heard of spaying? I hope you're not planning on breeding her *headdesk* until she's had two more; three to be on the safe side.

What's with the pink? I'M BLIND! But hey, the puppies name makes up for it... Shorty Squatty Stubbs. LOL.


horseys4me said...

Hey at least i can be first on this site!! Thank you so much for making a dog version of fugly especially talking about Pits. I have one and even tho she is of breeding quality i had her spayed, there are millions of pits out there already being euthed everyday bc of poor breeding, fighting and just plain overbreeding. Ever guy with a cool pit thinks oooh ima breed it and make big bucks..*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

nccatnip said...

Kudos for you for the expose. I am looking forward to your blog and hope you target the BYB and irresponsible breeders vs the ones (me included) that spend tons of time and $$$ to produce sound healthy dogs. Can't wait to see your info on aussies.

gillian said...

Tell me what you think about these people:

They seem like the dog version of the color breeders.

My mom got her piebald doxie from them. It is not spayed, she has no intention of spaying it. She wants to breed it. The breeder is probably unaware or has no problem with this. The dog has a kink in its tail, its vision is poor and so is its hearing. Its temperament and intelligence leave something to be desired. I'm not very well versed in this sort of thing but I think it doesn't run the way it should.

She also got it pretty young and with some kind of skin condition. It was going to be shipped earlier but the vet didn't OK it for travel, I forget what the problem was.

I am displeased.

LegendsLiveOn said...

In response to longdox.com...

Their dogs look fairly healthy, but Commanche needs to be neutered and Pegasus needs to be spayed.

They do appear to be breeding for colour - I don't see anything on their site about health testing. OFA (eyes ears elbows hips) is a really important test, especially in dachshunds.

I'd probably consider her an upper-class BYB'er. She's got a fairly large amount of dogs. Have you seen how her facilities are maintained? Judgement comes best from seeing the facility.

Dogs taken away from their mothers at too early of an age are prime candidates from behavioral issues. I wouldn't suggest buying from any breeder that sells dogs under eight weeks old and doesn't have a health certificate with the all clear.

Did you find out what the skin condition was? There are some nasty ones that can float around for a very long time and infect other dogs.

Good thing her dogs come with a return policy.

LegendsLiveOn said...

For, not from.

*bangs head on desk* There we go, that should help my spelling.

AdoptAGreyhound said...

Do a google search for "Canis Panther". Followed by Head-desk (repeat, repeat, repeat)

Mel, Foxtail Farm said...

Take a look at the online classified ad site called hoobly.com, and you'll never run out of material. Last I checked, there were far more animal ads than all the other categories put together, and most of them are BYBs. Nasty stuff.

Oh, and I hope you keep up the blog. I've been looking for a FHOTD-style dog blog for a long time.

Barb said...

I also am glad to see a canine version of FHOTD. You'll never run out of material, unfortunately. But if this site helps educate people who are looking for puppies to buy online, that would be GREAT! The only way, ultimately, to reduce the number of puppymills and BYBs is to reduce the demand. If fewer people are willing to buy poorly bred puppies from non-health-tested parents, the breeders will find some easier way to try to make a few bucks.

deidaraisabang said...

This looks like it's gonna be a good blog. I have two corgis that i breed on demand only, but our female is going into retirement next year, as she is going to be seven next july and it will be her fourth litter. I may keep one of her puppies, since it's a good showline, but I never breed without at least two requests for puppies. And we just got our two pits snipped, and the third one is due in two months! Congrats on the blog, and keep up the good work! (oh ya, and i like hearing about pits, so, y'know...just tossing that out there)

LISA said...

thanks for the great advertising.. i enjoy the hits to the sight.. and all turn out great once they see what is really going on.. i invite one and all to visit the ranch and see our dogs.. 18 years of true line breeding at its best.. and mudd dog.. well she was only 8 months in the photo covered in mudd.. god forbid they are real dogs and get to play.. hmmmm.
lady brenna.. well full perk and all she is a young miss that will not be bred till she has had 4 or 5heats.. cant say that for alot of breeders. triple registered and standing time.. you can only wish to have a dog out our yard.. dangerzone name says it all.. check the lineage and purple ribbon registry.. no need to say more.. everyone has heard about them and not one bad comment can bring the name or the ranch down.. i love the hits to the sight.. please keep up the posting..

dangerzone kennels
springhill florida
727-856-7557 or dzpups@msn.com

margaret said...

You are a horrible excuse for a human. Shame on you for breeding more dogs when they could be registered out of shelters. You are only in it for the money, or you would not be doing it. You are a greedy bitch. You make me sick.

LegendsLiveOn said...

LOL, this should be fun.

First off - if I lived any closer, I'd love to come and see your facilities. I like picking things apart; you're dealing with an obsessive-compulsive kid here.

Second - While yes, I can say it is the responsible thing to do to wait a few more heat cycles, I'd also like to tell you how many unwanted and poorly bred APBTS are in shelters. I think the majority of the community would rather see you spay her and live out her life comfortably rather than have a bunch of puppies - which, by the way, shortens a dog's lifespan considerably.

Your dogs are far from standard; see the post below and view the link to CORRECT APBT conformation, and then maybe you'll see where I'm coming from. I could probably pick up an APBT from the shelter with conformation just like yours, and probably some with way better. I think most people are better off being PET owners.

As for "Mud Dog" and Lady, what are their CRF and OFA standings? Just curious. A responsible breeder would know and could give out scores.

As for the "muddy dog just being a dog", I understand if you're taking pictures for fun, but not if you're advertising bitches that are/will be standing. You could wash her up and make her look nice, for God's sake. If you want to seem professional, present yourself that way.

And as of the Fuglyites, I do apologize on behalf of their snarky behavior (though that's what we're known for). I believe that if your friend truly loves horses, she should find a horse suitable to carry the amount of weight on it's back. That's not to be mean... I had a 16H Appendix mare who could comfortably carry 250 lbs. It just depends on the horse. Your friend should still ride - just on a horse proportionate to her. Never give up on your love just because someone is an asshole (although there are certain people I wish would give up, LOL.)

Emily said...

Just wanted to thank you for starting this dog blog. I hope you update it regularly - I'll check back often. I see so many good looking dogs go through rescue and then run across yet another BYB making more fuglies ...

caitstclair said...

Oh dear. I thought 'Mud Dog' was a lab/pit mix or some such, NOT a breeding quality pit! You can DEFINITELY go the the shelters and find dogs that better match the APBT standard.

Crunchberry's mom said...

hey, i'm glad i wandered over here...i love FHOTD and i think this blog is a GREAT idea!

nccatnip said...

Okay, back again. I had to look to the website for the pits. Can ANYONE explain this cow??? I'm sorry, I just have never seen such a sorry looking animal- my apologies to the cow-

gillian said...

Thanks for taking a look. I've never seen her (If she has kennels, her protege doesn't) I would love to but I have no way of getting there.
I agree her dogs look healthy and well fed. I just found out that she is helping my mother find a stud dog!

I'm trying to find out as much as I can about standard responsible breeding practices. I'd like to find my mom a reputable breeder who can sell her a good bitch, and who can advise her in her breeding endeavors. (Maybe one who can convince her to spay her dome skulled, cow hocked bitch with a curve to her back, and the kinked tail!)

To that end I'd like to apologise for hijacking the forum and ask some questions. I'm really excited to find a dog site a la fugly. If anyone has some thoughts they'd be willing to share on these topics I'd be grateful.

1) Raw meat diet. Seems like a lot of people swear by it. How important is it? Will dry food suffice?

2) Showing. This strikes me as a must. Is that reasonable?

3) Kennels. What scale of breeding should have kennels and why?

4) Good books or sites for an aspiring breeder. (I dont think I'll be able to talk her out of breeding so she may as well learn more about it)

Thanks for any input on this.

may said...

Lisa, I've handled UKC show Pits for a reputable breeder and I can tell you right now, those dogs are either EXTREMELY poorly bred, or they are mutts. If you want a Pit mix or poorly bred Pit, I can find you a dozen in any colour, age, and sex for $50 or less. There is absolutely no reason to breed MORE dogs like this. Why are you breeding? Is it because you want to witness the miracle of birth? Do you think that there are not enough fugly Pits out there? Are you breeding for the "bargain" buyer? Or are you just trying to make a buck? (Hint: none of those are good reasons to breed.)

Anyways, kudos to the person who started this blog! Two questions for you: Do you have an email address for submissions? Are you planning on doing all breeds, or just Pit-types?

LegendsLiveOn said...

To NC - What cow? I see a truck and a water heater.


1) Raw meat diet. Seems like a lot of people swear by it. How important is it? Will dry food suffice?

Dry food can and will suffice, but it really depends on the quality of the food. Poor food can make your dogs shed more, have more skin irritations, be more gassy, and build up plaque on their teeth. If you feed kibble, I suggest Canidae or Blue Buffalo.

Check out this site:


I feed RAW to my Schutzhund pup (who is dog aggressive), and it kept his coat looking amazing. Here's some info on the RAW:


2) Showing. This strikes me as a must. Is that reasonable?

It's a matter of opinion. I don't deem it necessary to show as long as you're breeding well.

3) Kennels. What scale of breeding should have kennels and why?

Kennels with a higher bitch to stud ratio are usually the best. I prefer smaller kennels because they're more cleanly operated. I'd suggest asking for a pedigree on your puppy and looking for any inbreeding or linebreeding. I would also reccommend you buy from someone who health tests - it'll save you a lot of time and effot in the end.

4) Good books or sites for an aspiring breeder. (I dont think I'll be able to talk her out of breeding so she may as well learn more about it)



DGF Readers, I probably won't make a post today. I'm pretty busy, and have got my priorities. :)

may said...

1) Raw meat diet. Seems like a lot of people swear by it. How important is it? Will dry food suffice?

A raw food diet is great and very healthy, as long as it's done right (10/10/80 proportions of bone, organs, and meat for prey model). Biologically appropriate food is the absolute best way to feed any animal. Kibble is perfectly fine though, as long as you're using a good brand. (EVO, Orijen, and Taste of the Wild are good brands. Pedigree, Purina, and Science Diet are not.)

2) Showing. This strikes me as a must. Is that reasonable?

I don't think that showing is necessarily a "must", but titling of some kind is. If I were looking to buy, say, a Labrador, my ideal breeder would have dogs that are titled in both the field AND the conformation ring, and I'd also like to see some certified Therapy Dogs coming out of their program. I would be willing to settle for a breeder that has dogs titled in one or the other. But a person who does not bother to title their dogs at all is simply a BYB, no matter how noble their breeding ideals may be.

3) Kennels. What scale of breeding should have kennels and why?

I know of several well-respected Collie breeders who keep most of their dogs in kennels, and I don't have a problem with them at all. However, they are able to do that because they have hugely successful history in the breed, and breeding/training/showing is their full time job. Their dogs are handled every single day, and they spend more time out exercising or hanging out with their family in the house than they do in their kennels. And their bitches always, always whelp in a safe, clean, warm, inside area.

For the average breeder, having more dogs than they can comfortably keep in the house is just not okay. Especially with breeds with thin (or no) coats, kenneling is NEVER acceptable. The large scale breeders that I referred to earlier breed hardy, long-coated working dogs. Huge difference between a Collie and an Italian Greyhound or an Am Staff.

4) Good books or sites for an aspiring breeder. (I dont think I'll be able to talk her out of breeding so she may as well learn more about it)

Good books... eh, there aren't too many good modern books that I'm aware of. Looks like someone beat me to posting the Woodhaven Labs website! That's a great resource.

LegendsLiveOn said...

I will be spotlighting all dogs, and if anyone has submissions, complaints, or otherwise, feel free to e-mail me at quarterhorseenthuisiast@yahoo.com. That way I'm putting it out there and no one can call me a wimp for not having an accessible e-mail. ;)

Barb said...

gillian -

About the kenneling issue, all I can add is that any breeder who is producing puppies that are primarily intended to be pets (and unless you are truly producing working dogs, i.e. you are one of the elite sheep dog, hunting/sporting dog or sled dog breeders) should be raising those puppies in a home environment.

And I agree with May about showing - unless you are VERY experienced and able to be really objective about your own dogs, it's important to get someone else's opinion. It's just another way to test your breeding stock. It's not a perfect system, but in general conformation shows test how closely the dog physically matches the breed standard, and performance trials test physical soundness, working instincts, and trainablility.

Speaking of testing, every breed has recommended genetic testing that should be done on EVERY breeding animal. This will vary from breed to breed, depending on what the common problems for that breed are. The parent club web sites usually are good sources for this information - for Dachshunds that would be the Dachshund Club of America at

Also, the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is the clearinghouse for most genetic testing. They will probably also have a list of recommended tests for each breed. Their web site is http://www.offa.org/

Testing isn't cheap, which is precisely why puppy mills and BYBs don't do it. The truth is, if you "do it right" i.e. do everything you can to produce healthy, correct, well socialized pups - it's almost impossible to make a profit.

Here are some good articles - if you don't think your mom will be interested in reading them, at least they will give you some talking points for her. I've converted them to tiny URLs so they'll be easier to use:
Know the Facts About Breeding

So You Want to Breed Dogs

So You Want to be a Breeder

Things to Think About Before Breeding Your Dog

If you can find a reputable breeder who would be willing to mentor your mom, that of course would be ideal... but only if your mom makes up her mind that her goal is to produce the very best puppies she can, rather than to try to make some money. Reputable breeders are a cautious lot, because they've been burned by people who say all the right things, get one of their dogs and then proceed to breed it to anything and everything that comes along. So your mom will have to join some email groups, go to some shows, maybe join the local Dachshund club, get to know some people and demonstrate a willingness to listen and learn if she expects a reputable breeder to help her.

Barb said...

Oh, gillian -
The other thing to consider about your mother's dog's skin condition is that some skin problems are inheritable. Well, to be more accurate, the underlying immune system deficiencies that result in the skin conditions are inheritable. And most of them tend to get worse with each generation.

LegendsLiveOn said...

K guys, new post on the way. Not about Lethal Whites though.

gillian said...

Thank you all so much for your input. I have some homework to do checking out these sites. (Talking points are definitely a good thing.)

I dont think she's in it for the money, she's a doctor and doesn't lack for it. I'll find out next time I'm home. The whole situation really agitates me. Thanks again for the info and for letting me vent.

gillian said...

ooh, and a lethal whites post would be cool someday. I think I remember something about piebald/piebald crosses being a problem in dachshunds. It just seems like few animals/breeds were really meant to be white.

Ethan Smith said...
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Kim Tate said...

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.

- by Animalerie Toutou