Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, dear lord...

I cringe whenever I see stuff like this. Puppy boutiques (even tough it may sound cute), are just horrible, IMO. There are WAY too many puppies there. Teacups Puppies currently has 78 puppies available. Here are the problems I see right off the bat.

1. WHO is going to be responsible for socializing 78 puppies? This is a 2-month long procedure, not including how owners choose to socialize after the puppies are brought home. I certainly don't like having to work out ingrained problems in young puppies that could have been easily avoided. Unless Teacup Puppies Boutique is fully stocked with about 25 staff (and that is saying a lot, because that is almost 3 puppies per person), I doubt these puppies are going to have the more desirable personality traits people look for when buying a puppy.

2. I counted at least 18 breeds/crossbreeds. On the subject of staff, I'd like to know... do you guys perform health testing? With so many small dogs and toy breed mixes, genetic defects can and will surface. And, is your staff knowledgeable on these breeds? BTW, a paragraph describing the dog and it's history doesn't really count, asshat. If I were to buy, I'd like to know what ailments the specific breeds suffer from, grooming information, all that good stuff that many puppy boutiques like this one fail to provide.

3. Outrageous pricing. I'm sorry, but I will not pay $1,500.00 for a Teacup Morkie Pom-a-Poo when I could adopt one of the many in shelters. And I'm sure with such devoted people as yourselves, you only place the puppies after a speuter procedure? Right? Because we all like to make sure no breedings take place. We wouldn't want to see the thousands of other Toy Chorkie puppies being put down in shelters globally, because that's just not what happens... is it?! I hope the extra $1,400 you make off of your dogs a pop goes towards a good cause.

All I can say is WOW. I cannot even comprehend the ignorance of some people. Shame on the many magazines that condoned this type of sale operation. And to imagine, I could be making thousands by breeding my mutts or Dachshund... Fortunately, I'm one of the people that practices responsibility in these areas. Snip, snip all the way. Always for mutts, and for most purebreds.

It's kind of disheartening to watch dog sales of this magnitude and the unsuspecting people who flock to them. In general, the population is in need of a good whoopin' with the smart-stick, don't you agree?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Check this out!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Of COURSE it's a pit bull farm...

Just what we all need - another APBT breeder with too many dogs, no knowledge of (or at least adherance to) the breed standard, AND they like to put their dogs on those 40 pound chains we all love so much.

Presenting... Mugleston's Pit Bull Farm! Producing beasties like the one seen at right since 1993. I'm not saying the dogs aren't nice in their own right. I'm sure they have good temperaments (right?), but honestly, with nearly all their dogs topping off at over 100 pounds (and the one at right is 142 lbs.!), they are grossly bypassing breed standards to make bigger, "better" bullies.

Their facilities leave a bit to be desired. I would not house an APBT outside during winter, especially in Oklahoma, regardless of their weight. I would never house a bitch outside with a litter of pups, either. But, that being said, I am impressed with the shelter they provided.

Nonetheless, I am not impressed with anyone who claims to have taken prizes in any of the Bully Expos because they are full of Razor's Edge and Gottiline shortwide pits that look nothing near the breed standard. I don't think winning these warrants breeding a dog, either. If you want my approval, compete in a Kennel Club recognized/sponsored breed specific special and take home the blues. Then you can see where conformation, purpose, and temperament shapes the breed, rather than focusing on making massive dogs with little purpose other than to look imposing or impressive. I don't believe that because celebrities buy your dogs, that makes you a high status breeder or elite showman, either. There are many websites where they are obviously over-breeders with no proper breeding ethic or conduct that claim to have sold to celebrities. Well GEE, aren't you speshul?

Overall, this kennel is not that appealing to me and I certainly wouldn't look into it if I were to buy an APBT. There are many much more impressive APBT breeders who don't charge an upwards of 2 grand for a dog (one dog was listed for sale at $7900. I could buy a car with that money.) and will give you the quality you're looking for when choosing a dog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cash incentives...

Well, I'm not one who really needs an incentive to turn in nasty animal abusers or dog fighters, but I think this is really great.

That's a five grand incentive right there, for those who may be a little unsure about turning in perps. I'm just glad to see that the law concerning animal welfare has been growing increasingly strict, and hope to see many people come to justice, as well as many people being served the lovely ban on animal ownership (I've seen a couple of these). It makes me happy to know that somewhere out there, people are taking action.

Also, on another note - please help get justice for Karley the puppy.

I love how Riverside will lock you up and throw away the key for smoking a bit of reefer, but let a man like this evade criminal prosecution.

And MORE shocking news - a Riverside Asst. Fire Chief beat a 6-month-old puppy so severely she had to be put down. He claimed she was trying to attack him. Does anyone besides me smell bullshit?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fugly gives fodder...

"dawdler said...
OT, BUT . . .

A woman from Windsor, Ontario just plead guilty to two counts of animal cruelty after starving seven dogs (two dogs died). She was fined $1000 and was banned for LIFE from ever owning dogs again. Hopefully this will become the norm in all animal abuse cases, at least in Ontario . . .


All I can say is, wow. That is a policy I'd like to see enforced in the US. How helpful would that be...?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

BYB, much?

Look at this lady.;_ylt=Au.w.cPU0NK_CAJ_iYiLC6_L7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20081109160936AAzluLX

Yeah. My first words were "WTF, greedy bitch." Do we not already have a surplus of dogs? Are they not dying in shelters every day because of irresponsible people like this. And she wants to KEEP breeding? I'd like to see her shit out about 20 kids a year and see how much she "loves" it. According to her, her dog just loves being a constantly bred puppy machine.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A present for you, my friend.

Found this and lol'ed. Give it to any of your favourite asshats. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Disposable Pets

Why is it so many people can just throw away their animals like garbage? After all the loyalty and companionship they have provided, I don't think it's that far from unreasonable to provide food and shelter.

On my local CL, I found a few such ads.

"I have a blue merle chihuahua male I need to rehome. I have had him about 2 years (Two years?). I dont think he is much older then 2 and a half years old. He will come with his kennel... some food (you will prolly wanna switch him) and his dishes and his leash and collar. He is licensed to riverside county animal shelter and he is current on his shots. He has been living inside/ outside.. He is awesome with children other animals. I also have a female. she is brn and white. not spayed. i been calling her Bella. someone tossed her in my yard. asking only 15 for her. she will come with her leash collars bandana and some food. Please take them so they dont head to the shelter

I just cant keep him. Asking 50$ rehoming fee. He has till the weekend then I have to take him to the shelter!"

"Blackie is 3 years old, she is well behaved & sweet. She is not fixed, had 1 litter & was a very good mom. Never been around children, but is gentle & submissive & I think she would be ok. She needs a yard & a caring person or family." Good; an unspayed APBT. Do we really need to be breeding any more dogs? Isn't there something stating on CL that unaltered animals (dogs and cats) aren't allowed to be rehomed?

This is on a six month old lab puppy. I hate it when people get animals and somehow don't realize the responsibility that goes with ownership. "We are looking to re-home our Black Lab. He is very loving, great with kids and other dogs. He is healty. There is no dog registration papers.


Just a few I dug up. There are many more, but not enough time for me to fit them all in.