Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, dear lord...

I cringe whenever I see stuff like this. Puppy boutiques (even tough it may sound cute), are just horrible, IMO. There are WAY too many puppies there. Teacups Puppies currently has 78 puppies available. Here are the problems I see right off the bat.

1. WHO is going to be responsible for socializing 78 puppies? This is a 2-month long procedure, not including how owners choose to socialize after the puppies are brought home. I certainly don't like having to work out ingrained problems in young puppies that could have been easily avoided. Unless Teacup Puppies Boutique is fully stocked with about 25 staff (and that is saying a lot, because that is almost 3 puppies per person), I doubt these puppies are going to have the more desirable personality traits people look for when buying a puppy.

2. I counted at least 18 breeds/crossbreeds. On the subject of staff, I'd like to know... do you guys perform health testing? With so many small dogs and toy breed mixes, genetic defects can and will surface. And, is your staff knowledgeable on these breeds? BTW, a paragraph describing the dog and it's history doesn't really count, asshat. If I were to buy, I'd like to know what ailments the specific breeds suffer from, grooming information, all that good stuff that many puppy boutiques like this one fail to provide.

3. Outrageous pricing. I'm sorry, but I will not pay $1,500.00 for a Teacup Morkie Pom-a-Poo when I could adopt one of the many in shelters. And I'm sure with such devoted people as yourselves, you only place the puppies after a speuter procedure? Right? Because we all like to make sure no breedings take place. We wouldn't want to see the thousands of other Toy Chorkie puppies being put down in shelters globally, because that's just not what happens... is it?! I hope the extra $1,400 you make off of your dogs a pop goes towards a good cause.

All I can say is WOW. I cannot even comprehend the ignorance of some people. Shame on the many magazines that condoned this type of sale operation. And to imagine, I could be making thousands by breeding my mutts or Dachshund... Fortunately, I'm one of the people that practices responsibility in these areas. Snip, snip all the way. Always for mutts, and for most purebreds.

It's kind of disheartening to watch dog sales of this magnitude and the unsuspecting people who flock to them. In general, the population is in need of a good whoopin' with the smart-stick, don't you agree?


megan colleen said...

y'know i haven't had a small dog since i was a teenager but looking at This puppy is like looking at a walking health problem. From what i understand of dog health - the smaller or bigger you try to breed the more health problems you will have. That puppy looks like a prime candidate for that. yuck.

At least they aren't selling Pit Bull mixes for $1500.

I will commend them for not shipping puppies.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

Damnit Florida! What is it with them and their puppy boutiques??

I can tell you about the ailments: hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia, and joint problems galore, I'm sure. Oh yeah, and a bit of tear-staining on top. Usually I pick apart health warranties on MoT, but in this case there is none to be found. Fantastic!

Definitely not the worst place to come out of Florida, though... At least they don't ship, drape their puppies in sparkly pink boas, or call them "fur babies" (makes me twitch). And God help me, I'm dying to frolic with every one of those Maltese puppies in a big room. Sigh.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Makes me just shake my head that these places are still running. There is obviously a market out there for mill and boutique puppies.

I posted about mills on my blog just this week actually. The sad part is that with all the bad publicity these guys get - they are still running and making money.


Tintlet said...

People buy these dogs because they don't have to give references or pass home checks , etc. only thing the seller asks is that the check clears..

lifelovepitbulls said...

yet another reason why i don't like small dogs....

LegendsLiveOn said...

Yes, thumbs up for not shipping. IDK why, but for some reason I do see it okay for breeders to ship dogs, but not large facilities. I think that shipping is fine, if done right. Without it, I'd never get a Karelian or a GSD (both of which I want to buy from Europe, but I still like RunningBearDogs for the KBD).

Meaghan said...

"I <3 My Purebred Teacup Morkie Pom-a-Poo" would make an EPIC t-shirt. I would buy one!