Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Disposable Pets

Why is it so many people can just throw away their animals like garbage? After all the loyalty and companionship they have provided, I don't think it's that far from unreasonable to provide food and shelter.

On my local CL, I found a few such ads.

"I have a blue merle chihuahua male I need to rehome. I have had him about 2 years (Two years?). I dont think he is much older then 2 and a half years old. He will come with his kennel... some food (you will prolly wanna switch him) and his dishes and his leash and collar. He is licensed to riverside county animal shelter and he is current on his shots. He has been living inside/ outside.. He is awesome with children other animals. I also have a female. she is brn and white. not spayed. i been calling her Bella. someone tossed her in my yard. asking only 15 for her. she will come with her leash collars bandana and some food. Please take them so they dont head to the shelter

I just cant keep him. Asking 50$ rehoming fee. He has till the weekend then I have to take him to the shelter!"

"Blackie is 3 years old, she is well behaved & sweet. She is not fixed, had 1 litter & was a very good mom. Never been around children, but is gentle & submissive & I think she would be ok. She needs a yard & a caring person or family." Good; an unspayed APBT. Do we really need to be breeding any more dogs? Isn't there something stating on CL that unaltered animals (dogs and cats) aren't allowed to be rehomed?

This is on a six month old lab puppy. I hate it when people get animals and somehow don't realize the responsibility that goes with ownership. "We are looking to re-home our Black Lab. He is very loving, great with kids and other dogs. He is healty. There is no dog registration papers.


Just a few I dug up. There are many more, but not enough time for me to fit them all in.


GoLightly said...

I'm forever seeing that type of posting on the other board. "No time for the dog". "Needs a home in the country". No they need responsible OWNERS. I love when they're unspayed, great, what a bonus:(
It makes me crazy. Poor things. People suddenly discover dogs take time and work. Oh, dogs need to be cared for, like, forever??
Eesh. It's a good thing I never respond to the posts...

bad_wolf said...
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bad_wolf said...

Unfortunately lot of people are unable to afford feeding their pets as they can't even feed themselves with the bad economy. One person I saw said if you are having trouble to see if animal shelters have extra food they can give you. Or other feed places that rotate their food. Would it be possible to rally pet stores to set up fund raisers or donations?

PixieCorpse said...

My experience is that you see these ads all the time, no matter what the economy is diong. I was a veterinary assistant for ten years, and there always has been a significant number of people who see animals as disposable. They teach their kids it's OK and the kids grow up to do the same damned thing.

noshoes said...

There are several people I know personally who say they can't afford to feed their dogs, or get them vaccinated, etc.. BUT they sure the heck don't go without their cigarettes, their cell phone, movies, lottery tickets, or any other little luxury that they don't actually NEED. This pisses me off so bad. So, in my opinion, it is all about PRIORITY for a lot of people. Your pets rely solely on you for everything and they should come first. If I was short on money, I would cut out some of my luxuries and make sure my animals are taken care of first. (BTW this pisses my boyfriend off to no end. He says my dogs eat better than we do..haha.)

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Unfortunately, they are everywhere. golightly is right about the comment of the "needs a home in the country". I hate to see that. Usually this is because the current owners don't have time to properly exercise them.

Priorities are different for each person. Where I see dogs and other animals as part of the family, others (including the law) see them as property



megan colleen said...

Hi ... I'm hoping i'm in the right spot. I believe you left a comment on my blogger - Here about using my post about blame the deed not the breed. I just found the comment and I apologize to getting back to you so late.

Yes, you may use the blog post as long as you credit me. :)

Again my apologies on not seeing your comment before now. :)

I enjoy your dog-gone fugly blog. :)