Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cash incentives...

Well, I'm not one who really needs an incentive to turn in nasty animal abusers or dog fighters, but I think this is really great.

That's a five grand incentive right there, for those who may be a little unsure about turning in perps. I'm just glad to see that the law concerning animal welfare has been growing increasingly strict, and hope to see many people come to justice, as well as many people being served the lovely ban on animal ownership (I've seen a couple of these). It makes me happy to know that somewhere out there, people are taking action.

Also, on another note - please help get justice for Karley the puppy.

I love how Riverside will lock you up and throw away the key for smoking a bit of reefer, but let a man like this evade criminal prosecution.

And MORE shocking news - a Riverside Asst. Fire Chief beat a 6-month-old puppy so severely she had to be put down. He claimed she was trying to attack him. Does anyone besides me smell bullshit?


lifelovepitbulls said...

on the fire chief one....i smell about as much bullshit as i did when i watched the video about how two swedish (? could be wrong country) beat a dog to death because it was a pit bull. they claimed the dog was attacking at them, lunging and snapping, trying to kill them, but in the video, you could clearly see the dog had its tail between it's legs, and frequently rolled trying to avoid getting hit. once they got tired of beating him, they proceeded to SHOOT the dog a grand total of 15 times, all non-lethal shots. of course, they never even went to court over it, their actions were 'justified' as it was a pit bull. bunch of bullshit. oh, and i started a blog, and found a pitbull farm you might wanna take a look at, mugleston pit bull farm

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

abusers should have the same treatment dealt back.

Check out my blog for today ... there's an article in the papers about an Ontario man who got it back. His jail time decreed by the legal system wasn't long enough, but at least he got somewhat back.




LegendsLiveOn said...


I saw that video... it was really hard to watch. I can't believe someone could stand behind a camera and watch that happen. I will definitely look at Mugleston Pit Bull Farm. For some reason, that name rings a bell with me.


Will do! And I agree... an eye for an eye, human or animal.