Friday, January 16, 2009

Glynn Johnson pleads NOT GUILTY!

NEW 2/6/08 ****: "The Judge scheduled a Felony Settlement Conference on February 20th at 1:30pm in Dept. 31 at The Riverside County Courthouse 4100 Main St. Riverside, 92501. This will be Glynn Johnson's next court appearance.

Glynn Johnson entered his plea of not guilty to all charges on Tuesday, January 13th. He also waived his right to a speedy trial. Glynn Johnson was ordered by the judge to return on any and all future hearing dates.

Thank you to everyone who came to the courthouse in support of Justice 4 Karley! We were not allowed in the courtroom because it was full but he had to face all of us on his way in and out of the courthouse. The Bailiff of the courtroom said our group was very calm and civilized and said that our group would be allowed at the courthouse anytime based on our respect for the court and peaceful demonstrations in support of Justice 4 Karley.

Our attorney filed a civil lawsuit against Glynn Johnson. He was served immediately following the arraignment. This is another way for our family to seek punishment and Justice 4 Karley."

See, it really DOES pay to act civil in public... I know there are some disgusting people out there, but remember: You're a better person than they are... Respond accordingly, be the bigger person, and you will be recognized as such.

Justice 4 Karley Update

Glynn Johnson, a Riverside Fire Department assisstant fire chief, plead not guilty to the brutal beating that ended in the humane destruction of Karley, a six month old Shepherd mix puppy. He tried snapping her jaws in half, resulting in her jaw breaking, punched her several times with closed fists, claiming that she was attacking, and proceeded to beat her about the head with a rock. She was so severely injured, she had to be PTS. Just how someone could proclaim innocence after having done something like this is beyond me. I haven't been able to find out if he was charged with anything, only that he pleaded innocence, and that's just not going to fly. A website ( protecting him and trying to make sense of what he did had this little story:

"Who is Glynn Johnson?
Neighbors and former co-workers said Johnson - who was recently charged with beating a puppy with a rock to the point where it had to be euthanized - is a rough man.

But lawyers for Johnson said he is a loving person, capable of staying calm in high-stress situations.

On Dec. 16, Johnson, 54, of Riverside was arrested for allegedly beating his neighbor's pet with a 12-pound rock.

The Riverside County District Attorney's Office that day filed animal cruelty charges as well as felony charges for using a deadly weapon against Johnson.

He is due to be arraigned today in court in Riverside.

If convicted, Johnson could receive four years in state prison, according to the District Attorney's Office.

On Nov. 3, the 6-month-old puppy Karley had gotten out of her yard in the 17000 block of Armintrout Drive and walked to a nearby house.

A neighbor said he started to take the puppy back home when Johnson approached him and offered to return her instead.

Witnesses to the incident said Johnson beat Karley, according to an arrest declaration.

The Toole family, who owned Karley, said this is not the first time Johnson has harmed a family pet.

About eight years ago, Johnson shot their sheltie-mix Kaulua in the eye with a pellet gun, Jeff Toole said.

"Kahlua and my wife were outside when she heard a pellet shot and the dog yelp," Toole said. "Glynn Johnson was there, and she saw him run back into his house."
The dog survived, but lost her eye.

Johnson was not arrested or cited by police at that time.

Since then, the relationship between the neighbors has remained tense.

For one of Johnson's former co-workers, the news is not shocking.

Dennis Baca, a former employee with Johnson with the county Fire Department, called Johnson a bully, and said he was "always getting into arguments with captains, chiefs, engineers and firefighters."

The Toole family said a group of retired Los Angeles County firefighters recently put together a fund to help pay legal costs for the family when they file a civil case against Johnson.

Johnson - who has been claiming self-defense in the incident - said that the puppy bit him and he was merely trying to protect himself.

And, after reviewing the case, his legal counsel vouched for Johnson's character.

Based on job responsibilities, service recognition and supervisor's comments, Johnson is "someone who knows how to respond in very stressful times and knows how to keep his cool," said Angela Powell, one of his attorneys.

"This is a man who dedicated his life to animal rescue, rescuing individuals who are in peril and has to remain calm in situations of danger.

"This isn't a man who just for no reason would strike out at a dog."

Riverside County sheriff's deputies spoke with Johnson on Nov. 3 while he was being treated at a local hospital for injuries to his left forearm and right thumb, according to the arrest declaration.

Johnson told officials he was acting in self defense because the puppy "turned on him and latched on to his right hand" as he was walking her home.

"After talking to (Johnson), we are confident that he had a good self-defense," Powell said."

What the fuck? Someone who knows how to keep their cool? Didn't I just read that he shot a dog in the eye with a pellet gun for no probable cause, and beat a puppy to death with a 12 pound rock? Maybe we should use a 12-pound rock on the DA's head... Really, where do our morals lie today?

Here is their petition:

Please sign and help get Justice for Karley. He was posted with a $10,000 bail, and is currently FREE with a hearing on February 20th. Please, don't let this monster loose on the streets.


Ambermutt said...

That is really sad, I can't quite imagine how anyone could claim self-defense against a freakin' puppy. I mean, if it bites you, you tap it hard on the nose and push it away, you do NOT beat it to death with a rock.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Hope he gets jail time.


GoLightly said...

Where's a 12 pound rock when ya need one??
Gawd, darn, assHAT.
He deserves extreme discomfort by stoning.