Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long time, no post!

As stated in my last post, I have been very busy trying to get all my credentials before the year ends - and I have accomplished just that! I am now officially finished with high school. This means more time to pursue my passions, including blogging.

Without further adieu, I present to you the atrocity that is Sweet Yorkie Kisses, a breeding operation somewhat close to home. I found the advertisement in our local Pennysaver, proudly proclaiming the sale of "Yorkies, Shorkies, Morkies, Yorkiepoos, Porkies and Biewer Yorkies". Isn't that what we all need though? Nevermind the fact that Petfinder has 869 Yorkies/Yorkie crosses looking for homes, all which come with a reasonable adoption fee as opposed to the $1500-$3500 she is charging for her sickly little dogs. I commend her in a way - she practices the application of OFA and CERF, but that doesn't mean she isn't churning out just as many puppies as your average BYB.

This is her idea of breeding quality - anyone want a half mop, half dog? And the tear and beard stains are atrocious - it costs about $10 to purchase tear stain cleaners, give or take, at any pet supply store. As I have constantly said, present yourself professionally if you want to be taken as such. I don't want the "dose of reality" associated with seeing your dogs in their nasty, ratty, pre-groomed state with tear stains down their face, I want them clean, properly presented, and nicely stacked. BTW, nothing can scare me away from a webpage faster than when you have your religious beliefs and quotes smattered all over it. It gives me that "Mormon-at-the-door" kind of feeling (no offense to any). You know, just shake your head and politely refuse, and then laugh about it at a later time.

While presenting us with an amalgam of ratty, overpriced mutts, she then moves on to preach about Irresponsible vs. Responsible Breeders. She hits the nail right on the head when listing things off. While I do not doubt her ability to uphold her golden rules, anyone that has this many mixed breed dogs and continues to breed at such astronomical numbers just screams "Irresponsible!!!" to me.

Of course, you can can get your Porkie-Morkie-Poo for about $300 less if you choose not to register (with what club affiliation, do tell?).

Sigh. How DO the idiots manage to make bank while the rest of us struggle? We may never know.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle DGF! Good post - I hate designer dogs and don't think people should purposefully breed mixes ... there are enough oops'es out there.

Looking forward to seeing more posts.

kenny said...

Glad to see you naming and shaming.

Much to my chagrin I must confess that I am one of those ill informed members of the public that fell in love with an adorable bichon in the pet section of Harrods in london one day.

I paid up on the spot with out knowing anything about the breed or that Harrods buy from puppy farms (who evidently did not care to try to breed out tear staining).

I now have three bichons - all with their "bits" done!!! And the final two from reputable breeders who made us wait over a year for them

I consider that all good breeders should insist that their dogs are neutered.

BTW I was forced to find a safe tear stain preventer that both works and makes my dogs healthier!!! It is called Angels Delight from Bichon Hotel.

Keep up the good work

LegendsLiveOn said...

Kenny, no problem. Unfortunately several people see pet stores as the only way to get a purebred dog, and it's a false assumption. Most, if not all, are mass produced in puppy mills. The two doggies my mother couldn't resist bringing home from the pet store were great, but they always had problems keeping weight on them.

Martin said...

Awesome post, i'll go to your neew blog, those dogs are intolerant to the Led Lampen or was of the flouorescent lights ?

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