Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I haven't been active in forever, and for this I apologize. But this blog has moved on to bigger, better, and more educational (and maybe a tad more snarky) things. Right now the blog is under construction and should be up within the week. This is a no holds barred blog - much like this one, I say exactly what is on my mind, damned what anyone else thinks. As I progress further into adulthood I will have more amazing stories, helpful tips, and tons of other canine related goodies. The new website is intertwinedk9.blogspot.com. Go ahead and join if you already haven't, and if you have a dog-related website you'd like me to spotlight permanently on my side bar, leave a comment on either this post or any of the postings to come on TCC. I anticipate this blog will have heavy flow, and I'm not afraid to shamelessly self promote. Thanks, dedicated readers. You stuck out my blog as a teen, and now you can follow me into adulthood. Can't wait to see you on the new blog!

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