Friday, October 10, 2008

... Anyone?

WTF is with this? Just came across it. Understood that different tastes tie to different cultures, but really? It makes my skin crawl just about as much as the horse meat market. I do not support the fur market, nor the slaughter of companion animals, and most certainly don't condone animal experiments. View at your own discretion, it's a little gory and sad.


damsel78 said... unexcusable and depressing. Barbaric is too light a term even. An abomination to mankind is more accurate.

PapSett said...

While I in NO WAY condone the treatment of these dogs and DO absolutely believe any animal destined for slaughter deserves humane treatment, I in no way support PETA... and this site REEKS of PETA. To eat meat or not to eat meat is a personal choice; personally, I like my meat. And if no animals were slaughtered, then what would our companion animals (dogs & cats) eat?

It is the way of nature... some eat, some are eaten. Prety? No. But necessary. Treat them with kindness, I have no problem with it. This was an abomination, however.

Mary said...

This site goes from reasonable (conditions the dogs are kept in) to extreme (NO MEAT FOR ANYONE EVER!) and that's where they lose most of their audience, including me. I eat little meat, but I still allow the rights of others to choose their food.

Anonymous said...

While I feel like I am sitting on the "Is it moral to eat meat?" fence (though I am a vegetarian..), I think it's very agreeable that these practices of slaughter are WRONG, whether it's for a dog or a cow.

One thing that bothers me about the site is how this is a disgrace in the name of God. It's just a disgrace in general. Though, I do think that hard hearts leads to violence...

Thanks for the site, though. I did not enjoy it, but it's just more insight...

LegendsLiveOn said...

I didn't post it as pro-vegan site, and I don't condone PETA's practices either. Rather, I just thought I'd show the circumstances that these dogs fall in when destined for slaughter or as a lab animal/fur prospect.

GoLightly said...

A little gory? A little sad? I'd hate to see your idea of very sad, or very gory. I guess seeing humans treated this way, maybe would tug a little harder at people's hearts. It's always broken mine, whether it's our own domestic animals, or the dog "crops" raised in the east. Meat is meat, to most cultures. Just because they're fluffy, doesn't give them an automatic right to compassion, unfortunately.
My husband was talked into letting "worm pickers" on our rented property one year, they positively drooled at the sight of my 35 pound kelpie mix.
Lots of people eat dog, on this planet. Chows were originally bred for meat.
This is not PETA, people, this is real life, in other parts of the world.
Take a look at our slaughterhouses. They ain't pretty, either. Thank goodness for people like Temple Grandin, with her "Stairway to Heaven" designs. And to the "Farm Sanctuary" people, for trying to establish more humane methods of slaughter.
I am not a vegetarian. But, I do question our own health, when we allow our animals to be slaughtered this way. I absolutely believe that this type of practice breeds indifference, and hard hearts feel much less, than soft. I've read of reports where slaughter workers became pretty psychotic. I think our "factory farm" animal husbandry practices have led to more violence in our society. We eat meat that's been traumatized/terrified before death, that isn't good. Did you know roosters, more and more, are becoming rapists and murderers of their hens? They would rather kill, than breed? What does that tell you?

To the animals, a prayer for all people on all continents to grow some compassion, for a change.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I think that eating beef or chicken (etc) here in N.Amer. can be just as bad. I've seen some pretty bad practices here - slaughter places shut down from contamination, animals in itty bitty little cages without the ability to turn around and without shelter from the beating sun.

I eat meat, don't get me wrong. Heck, we even grow our own birds to eat at my house! However, that being said, I believe that the animals should be treated with every degree of respect possible and kept as healthy as possible.

I am disgusted at where the dogs are kept and the poor slaughter practices. There should be a clean working environment and the live dogs should be separated from the 'slicing and dicing' location - this should be common sense to keep contaminants out!

One of the things I don't like about the dog meat industry is that often the dog catchers will go to the well-off neighbourhoods and steal pet dogs (they are, after all, the ones that are well fed and least likely to bite when grabbed).