Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Human Race; the worst there ever was.

Honestly, can you believe the treatment many dogs are getting around the world? Dogs do not create war, they do not kill for pleasure, nor do they deserve the cruelty inflicted on them every day around the world by ignorant assholes.

Here, we have an amazing example of just how low man can go in his quest to torture this dog. Yes, the dog is for the meat market. Does that mean it needs to be strung to a tree, beaten, and kicked? No. I'd like to string this guy up to the tree and form a never ending line of people (I'm sure there would be many volunteers) to kick him right between the legs. What is most disturbing to me is the fact that the dog's tail is still wagging even as it is being strangled and beaten.

And aren't police supposed to help, not hurt? This man was walking his dogs (who must be very well trained to have stayed at bay while their master was mercilessly beaten) and attacked by the local police, who then focused their attention on beating the dogs. The man begs them to leave the dogs alone, hit him instead, but they had other things on their mind.

There's no end to the torture, and unless animal cruelty laws are heightened and fine-tuned, it's going to reoccur, over and over again.

Folks, remember that an act of kindness means so much, even to a dog. If you witness abuse, do not hesitate to report the person responsible immediately. If you can, whip out a video phone or a camcorder; the more evidence, the better.

Don't forget to hug your pet!


Barb said...

Unfortunately, no matter what laws we have there will always be humans who have something wrong inside, and are willing (not to mention able) to commit sickening acts of cruelty against animals, children, women, and even men. We can - and should - increase the punishments for animal cruelty but it won't ever stop completely. We can just hope that a person won't be able to do it more than ONCE before being locked up.
That first video is to me, the reason dog meat should be outlawed everywhere. It's not that I hate the thought of dogs being slaughtered for food (I do). But I eat meat, and I'm not a big enough hypocrite to think that it can be OK to slaughter cows and chickens for food but not dogs or horses. But a huge part of dog slaughter has always been this ritualistic torture, and THAT'S what has to end.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good topic. One thing that frustrates me is this ... people will be talking to me at work or whatever and they will tell me about a place they went to buy a dog from. Often I hear about how the dogs are under fed, without clean water, matted in their own defecation ... and when I ask them if they reported it to their local SPCA or Humane Society, I get a big, blank stare from them followed by a "I could do that?!" question.

*headdesk headdesk*