Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I know this is a dog blog, but this one hits a personal note.

About a week ago, my mom woke me up saying she had found a hurt stray cat. Upon further observation, we found kitty had two large bite wounds in his right side. Kitty was sweet. He never hissed or scratched, despite the pain he must have been feeling. After giving him a warm place to sleep overnight, my mom and her friend brought him to the Lake Elsinore Animal Friends of the Valleys shelter. Kitty, now dubbed Chester, is up for adoption. Unfortunately, as with many cases, the owner did not come forward to claim him. He was obviously domesticated and used to handling. He is now looking for a new home. If you have room in your heart, please visit their website.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good for you and your family for helping out that cat. Our area here is inundated with strays, abandoned and ferals.

How is it coming along with your dog??


LegendsLiveOn said...

My mom is placing our English Bull in a home more suited to his needs, so Buddy and Aero don't need to share a pen anymore. Buddy has been getting a lot less food and a lot more exercise. I'm starting to be able to see a waistline, but I've still got to work on that gut that's sagging halfway to the ground. He is now more vertically wide than he is horizontally, which is a big step forward. Today we are bringing over my 9-month old GSD mix pup and going to the park. Buddy loves playing with other dogs and knows Donovan, so hopefully he'll get in his hour's worth.

muttpuppiesontrial said...

LOL, good luck with your doggy diet. :) This chart might help you figure out when he's at the right size. Your best indicator is the waist - when he starts to slim down a bit before the hips, he's at a good weight. :)