Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pictures I dug up.

You know what it's like to go through a photo album. So, I present to you the dogs of my album. They are all either personal pets or pets of my relations. No sticky paws!

From top:

1) My dad's Golden Retriever, Tug, playing with their friends Malinois puppy.
2) Tank my stepdad's English Bulldog, as a puppy. Cheese! I love the fat little paws.
3) My uncle's APBT/Dalmatian/Pointer cross hiding from a thunderstorm in the cabinet. Isn't it strange how a dog who has lived in Florida for his entire 10 years can still be afraid of storms?
4) Bandit, my uncle's elderly border terrier who passed away a few months ago. He liked to play hide and seek.
5) My old Basset, Alex, and my uncle. Cute, huh? Nothing makes the heart melt like wrinkly, slobbering hound dog. Childhood dog.
6) Sister to my dog Buddy and his brother Aero as a puppy. She was probably 4 weeks old in the picture. Smartest dog I've ever had.
7) Older Qrikket, this time around 3 months old.
8) More Qrikket, featuring me. I was around 14...?
9) Buddy and Bentley, our Miniature Dachshund, cuddling. Please note, that's not my toe in the picture.
10) Buddy, Aero, and Tank hanging out with my cousin while camping.
11) Baby Black Bear hamster, runt of the litter from our old hamster Kush.
12) My friend's blue APBT puppy.

Got any candid cams of your favorite four legged friends? I'd like to see them! If you do not know how to create a link, feel free to post the URL. I'm sorry about the funky way everything's arranged. I can't seem to get it right, but you get the idea, right? :)


OldMorgans said...

Been enjoying your blog which I just recently discovered. I haven't done dogs on my blog yet, but will get to them. I've had nine dogs in my adult life, but none currently. Had a Basenji as a child. Have 3 cats now & 8 horses.
I see in your profile that you are in Winchester. I am not too far from you, live in Sage and own a bookstore in Hemet.
Harking back to your post on Cesar Milan, I had one of his books in the store for months. Lots of people saw it & commented that they loved his show. I've not seen him as I don't get that channel but I do watch It's Me or the Dog w/Victoria Stilwell, whom I like a lot. Most of the people who love Milan had never heard of Victoria. It is interesting how cultural icons develop.
Hope that you are doing ok in all this heavy rain.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

great pics! There's one of mine on my blog site. It's the logo-dog. he's a rehomed shelter dog (we know 3 of his homes)


LegendsLiveOn said...

OldMorgans - Neat, another person from the I.E. Very cute horse in your profile. What is his/her name?

I own a Cesar book (which one I can't remember now... it's too early). Bought it to get a little more info on his opinion. It's pretty cool that you own a bookstore. I would love it... I just enjoy reading, I guess. I like Victoria Stilwell, but I definitely heard of Cesar first.

I'm doing pretty well in the rain. It's really cold, but we aren't flooded yet, so that's good. How are you holding up in this weather?

DDF - What a beautiful dog. It's really sad to see that so many great dogs get passed up for the kyoot BYBers mini schnauzapoo.

GoLightly said...

Hey, I'm impressed by any blogger that can post pictures:)
Still learning the HTML two-step, I'm afraid. I'm assuming I need to upload them to a site like photobucket?
(too proud to ask husband, he can take three days to explain three words, and my patience runs out)
I learn thoroughly, not quickly:)

Great pictures of cutie pie dogs.

LegendsLiveOn said...

GL - thanks!

Yes, you'll need a photo-uploading site, such as DeviantArt (one of my faves), Photobucket, Flickr, etc. I mostly take pictures from my phone and send them to my album, and from there I can direct link and get pic URLs.