Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update on Buddy

I promised updates and Buddy, my obese lap dog, so here you go.

Buddy has lost about five pounds since I posted about him. The family is getting better at feeding, but there is still room for improvement. Currently (I know this will make me sound like a horrible owner), he goes on 3-4 walks a week with his brother about 45 minutes to an hour long. Also, my friend has brought my old GSD mix puppy Donovan to play with Buddy. At first, Buddy was a bit stand-offish, but them warmed up to him, realizing this was the puppy who he had spent three months with playing all the time. I've got to bring him over more often; Buddy spent nearly two hours running and playing with Donovan, and none of our other dogs are really that "into" playing with other dogs. They'd rather play with people. I'm working on upping exercise, but it has been gloomy and rainy on the days I have been home. None of my family is so inclined to walk any of our four dogs, so the job rests on me, even though I have 5 just-as-capable people in the household. I know I sound wimpy what with all you PNW'ers getting dumped on, but I'm a Cali girl whose town's temperature was somewhere in the mid 80's low 90's about two months ago, hehe.

I am now starting to be able to see a waistline, and his tummy is gradually shrinking upwards. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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