Thursday, December 18, 2008

An old man in need of a home.

Found this guy on Petfinder. This chilly holiday season, it would be nice for him to find a warm home and a family to love. Older dogs come with advantages; they're more often than not housebroken and many know basic obedience and even advanced commands.

Doesn't he look like a sweetie? His name is Adam. He is currently homed with the Washington German Shepherd Rescue in Arlington, WA., awaiting a loving home.

About Adam: "Adam lost his first home with a family move and was given to a second family...The second family ended up leaving him at their vet when someone in the household became very ill..and there Adam remained for 4 months..without a home. The vet office asked us to take him in and find him a new home!

Update: Adam loves to hang out with his doggy friend in the yard, ignores the farm animals (horses, chickens) and he does his best to keep up with the younger dog's energetic antics. He loves getting out and playing in the snow and has enjoyed just being outside with his family on short outings to finish the chores. He is an affectionate boy with great house manners, great with the cat in the household and he happily enjoys being inside with the family. Adam can be somewhat shy at first, but warms up quickly when given a few moments to get to know new people. Adam is a great dog to have around. He is easy to please, happy to be loved and eager to return his affection. If you'd like to give an old guy a comfortable retirement, please consider Adam.....he most certainly deserves the very best in his golden years. Adam is best suited in an adult only home.

Please fill out an application to meet me at The adoption process includes completion of an adoption application, a vet check, a home visit and a lifetime adoption contract."


noshoes said...

He is adorable. Speaking of oldies, anyone in the Chicago area who wants to give a forever home to a dog for the holidays should consider this boy. He is the sweetest dog ever. Was found as a stray in Kirksville, MO with collar on. He knows many tricks, likes baths, etc... was definitely loved by someone. I fostered him for about two weeks before he went to the rescue where he is at now. To see his pic and more info go to

megan colleen said...

awww he looks so cute and patient. I'm going to start looking for a female to keep my older male dog company in this coming year but i can't take anymroe dogs right now. plus i'm too far away from Adam or the boxer mentioned by noshoes. :(

LegendsLiveOn said...

Noshoes- What a great rescue! Personally, I love Dobermans, and if I were to adopt one, this would be the place. They have such compassion for their dogs. Thanks for posting!

MC- Good for you for searching for a friend! I'd be more than happy to help you find the perfect girl for your boy. :)

megan colleen said...

Legends - I am not positive this will be a good year for me to adopt what with the economy and my own busy schedule, but I want to start this search for a second dog the same way I went about getting Mojo. I start with a list of qualities I'm looking for and I make a real commitment to find a dog with THOSE qualities not just a cute face. For my own self I stress temperment over looks, breed, and health. If a dog has a good temperment that will match first my own then Mojo's then I can work with other areas. (you can see my current list of qualities on my own blog).

I also list the honest pros and cons a dog will have with living with me. My mojo has been very adaptable to my lifestyle and abilities but I know that he's an exception to the rule not the rule itself.

And then I just keep my eyes peeled and wait for what feels is a good time. There's no real best times, but there are good times... and while I'm not there yet, I feel that it will be coming my way in the next year or two.

Thank you for the offer in trying to help me find a good second dog. I appreciate it. But I think this is going to be search and journey that I will be doing alone with only Mojo's help. ;)

Take care.

lifelovepitbulls said...

he's adorable! my fiance is going to chicago for new years, but i don't think the airline would let him take him.