Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What do you think of this?

I'll admit it... not only am I a pro-speuter activist, I'm also a bleeding heart when it comes to animals overseas in poor situations where the owners

a) do not have the knowledge required to own an animal, ie no inclinations to vaccinate or speuter
b) have no money and are suffering themselves
c) do not have animal clinics near them
d) have to rely on other methods of euthanasia (because it is an unavailable option) like poisoning or hanging.

It breaks my heart to watch videos of people suffering in other countries without enough food to eat, let alone feed their pets. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across WorldVets.Org - an organization looking to overturn the pet population in foreign countries - for FREE. Of course, it doesn't come free to an applicant of the program - for starters, there is an upfront $40.00 fee for membership. I think that sounds a little odd, but hey - I'm no business genius. I am not the most job-savvy person; in fact, my only occupations have been a self-employed neighborhood car washer, earning me around $200 some on a few odd days of working with my siblings, and a sign flipper, earning roughly $80 a weekend for 8 hours.

They perform spay/neuter clinics abroad (usually exotic locales - fancy that!), and help hundreds of owners. They have a high fee, however - $550 and excess, airfare NOT included, and you are told that you will be sleeping in guest villas usually. They say that most of these places can sleep many people, but unless you are a vet (which warrants having your own bedroom and bed), you'll probably be sleeping on an air mattress.

I just don't know what to think of it. It seems like a wonderful and compassionate thing to do - I'm just not sure on it. I'm a little leery of websites, just because I've heard of too many frauds. I'm also quite tired, and don't know why I'm awake at 4:30 in the morning instead of asleep in my warm bed.

Give it a look - what do you think? From a business standpoint of view, are these fees reasonable? Do they look like a legitimate organization? My mind is racing a mile a minute as I envision a world where I can help promote the welfare of animals. I have definitely bookmarked this page and will be giving it a more inside look in the morning, preferably after a large cup of caffeinated coffee resulting in my eyes plastering to the screen for a good four hours. :o)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

However, the scary thing about spay neuter laws is that the goal of PETA and HSUS is to eventually spay and neuter ever dog and cat so eventually there are none. They feel that animals should be in the wild only. You have to be careful when you start giving way your freedoms.... where does it stop?


horseys4me said...

Ive also come across this website the $40 membership is kind of like a donation to their efforts, kind of like the ASPCA. I think its legit, it costs more than 500 bucks to stay somewhere in whichever country and that may just cover food and limited lodging and then you have to pay airfare. I for one have been waiting for an equine one to go on :)

LegendsLiveOn said...

Wow H4Me, do they really do equine services too? That is pretty neat. I'm looking at the trip to Nicaragua... going to have to do some serious saving.

NSNG - I don't think it's really a law, it's just a free clinic open to people to bring in their animals and have them safely spayed and neutered.

GoLightly said...

I am pretty cynical(no, really:).
Really hard to change the entire animal world, before the country you're standing on is fixed, first. And you've seen what's going on. You do a great job of posting it.

I would want more than just a web-site, but that's just me.
I want my hard-earned money, to stay in my own country, to help CaNaDa's animals. The world's animals are of such varied natures and cultures and backgrounds. You already know pets are edible. The poorer you are, the better they taste:(
That's just me, though.
We are the world. But, that's an awful BIG we.

Maybe a mention on the news, or a blurb about it in your own local AC literature, before sending $$.
Justa thought.

If you think your country is ok, and doesn't need the $ for animals, donate away to other countries. It's your $$.
For Christmas to me last year, my brother donated a donkey to a child in Brazil, through World Vision. This year, my Dad donated to the Donkey Sanctuary of Ontario for me. Honestly, I "liked" that better.
See, I don't live in Brazil. Rodrigo Pessoa was born there, though. And his Daddy, of course, Nelson:)

I myself give to The Salvation Army, a very transparent charity, the SPCA and United Way. I think there is a lot of scams too.

Happy Eve of the Eve:)

Will you post pics, as promised, please? Purty Please?
I'm sorry I've been so darned opinionated:)
Aren't we all:)

I typed several more deeeep thoughts, and gave up, just now. You're already nodding off in boredom...

Great Post, tough question:)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Right, LegendsLiveOn, I was just commenting on Dog-Gone Fugly's statement at the beginning about being in favor of spay neuter laws. I'm definitely in favor of spay neuter clinics for sure though!


LegendsLiveOn said...

GL - Are you talking about pictures of Buddy?

I think there are many animals that DO need to be helped in my country. I believe, however, that a country with a more crippled GDP are more needy than we are. Where are people, in, say, Ecuador who live rurally supposed to get their pets safely castrated and spayed, with very little to no money?

I will look up more info - as Fugly said, Google is your best friend.

NSNG - Ah, I see. Sorry, I get a teeny mixed up sometimes. :)

GoLightly said...

Horse pictures?
"There's another one that I think breeds purely for the slaughterhouse. There's a paddock in the front, by the main road, where there are always an upwards of 35 mares with babies, at all times of the year."

posted on fugs?

And anyway, don't forget,
"Ecuador who live rurally supposed to get their pets safely castrated and spayed, with very little to no money? "
They eat them. Wild animals, also eat them.
It depends on your definition of crippled I guess. Yes, we are very fortunate here, but not everyone here is.
The leveling of the economy is happening now. Overseas and South America, oh, these are interesting times, and I'm blathering.
We do let things continue, that shouldn't..
Och, never mind....
happy evening!

LegendsLiveOn said...

GL - A good evening to you too! :-)

I see what you mean. We in the US (and Canada) are limited in the pet population control area because... well, we simply don't eat the hundreds of thousands born every year.

I believe I can jump on the pics New Year's day. My mom has it off, and I'd be able to get a ride over there. :)